Smudging in the New Year

The importance of buying and sourcing ethically sourced Palo Santo and smudge kits is detailed in this article gives the reader some things to consider.

While you are preparing to use your smudging tools here are some guidelines on what smudging is and how to smudge.

Smudging is not hokus-pokus! This research abstract Medicinal smoke can completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space is using science to prove that smoke from smudging may help to clean the air. We talked about using indoor plants to help clean the air in our last blog post Burning sage (cedar, palo santo, sweet grass, juniper, etc) is recommended at change of season. If you are a fan of smudging AND incense it may be because Sage has a masculine energy, and incense has a feminine energy, so once you have burned sage you can light an incense stick to balance the two energies.

So smudging is basically burning herbs and resins for medicinal and spiritual purposes. You may feel the balance of energies of sage smudging and lighting incense because herbs neutralizes positive charges by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere. This is why your own energy, and the energy around us, may feel feel lighter and freer This is why most people like to use smudging as a tool to help shift or create intentions around and for ceremonies that celebrate new beginnings, like the New Year.

The aroma from smudging is not unlike using essential oils for inhalation as the aroma from Whit Sage, not to be confused with culinary sage, may help to increases clarity and awareness, heighten wisdom, improve mood, enhance memory, and quicken the senses. Does this sound like "sage" advice you may receive from an "old" crone or elder?

Upon first lighting the dry herb will catch fire. You can tame the flame by blowing gently on the stick or wafting your hand near the flame, until only glowing embers remain and a smoky trail is evident. This smokey trail is result of smudging.

At our sister store, Tao, you may learn that the joints of the body release the most energy - that is this is where energy and heat leave the body most readily from our fleshy eat suit. Think about the joints of house and where energy leaves a home - not unlike the joints of the body that bend and flex - like the doors and windows that open and close is where the warm and sealing smoke of the heated smudge is needed most.

When you are finished using your smudge stick you can tamp out the lit embers and relight/reuse your bundle for the future.

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