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The book "How to grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants that Purify Your Home or Office" will help guide you on how to bring the outside indoors! As the weather continues to cool, not only will plants help to reduce indoor air pollution but also their green color is relaxing and soothing!

The color green is associated with harmony, balance, abundance and giving within your life. "It’s strong tie to nature is very important in bringing, peaceful, calming energy."

How do you get more green in your life? Easy. Include nature. Go outside in nature. Spend time looking at nature's natural green landscapes and offerings.
Interestingly enough the green of live plants and in nature is directly related to chlorophyll - the chemical that is involved in the process of photosynthesis. You already may know about the benefits of the sun on our mental and emotional state, not to mention that the sun is needed for our survival. Not unlike its use for plants, plants take the sunshine and turn it into the energy (photosynthesis) they need to survive. Even when it is colder the sun and plants are at the top of the list as essential survival tools, but also for better quality of living.

HOW DO PLANTS DO IT? Having indoor plants just isn't for human benefit, the plants themselves this cleaning process to also protect themselves from air pollutants:

  1. Pollutants are absorbed through microscopic openings in the leaves
  2. Transpiration is the process in which water is emitted from plants leaves (this is how they add oxygen to our air, i.e. cleaner air!)
  3. Convection currents as a result of transpiration bring pollutants to the roots.
  4. Roots help to biodegrade pollutants that are also used as a source of nutrients for the plant itself

Plants are silently hard working around the clock! Why do we know so much about how and the science of plants effects on indoor air quality? NASA conducted the research to reveal the potential value indoor plant landscapes would have especially on inhabitants living in a closed facility, think spaceship.

Indoor plants are generally available and hardy to even harsh indoor conditions. This book rates their effectiveness of:

  • removal of chemical vapors
  • ease of growth and maintenance
  • resistance to insect infestation
  • transpiration rate

So go get a little green or several green friends to help bring balance and harmony and more FRESH AIR to an indoor space by bringing the outside indoors!

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