The Power of Smell

What the nose knows is so strong that "80% of flavor is actually smell, not taste"! Michael Moss, author of Hooked, says processed food companies appeal to our childhood nostalgia: "What we eat is all about memory."

Why memory? SMELL, aroma, is ONLY ONE signal away fom the brain, that is the message (memory) TRAVELS FASTER to the brain than ANY OTHER sense. Yes, smell over taste! Whereas while sugar (taste) has no odor and when placed on the tongue "It doesn't go directly to the brain; it sends a signal, gets picked up by the taste buds, which activate the sweet receptors in the taste buds, which sends a signal to the brain." 


While we can't quite place the memory our new Spring Awakening tea blend brings to mind it feels familiar and like a hug and good squeeze for your inside! It's a bittersweet blend...not in the cry your eyes out regretful kinda way...but in the TASTE!

A bittersweet blend...not in the cry your eyes out regretful kinda way...but in the TASTE! Subtle, sweet and well balanced is our new SPRING AWAKENING tea blend! A taste we were surprised to find that we were looking forward to drinking it each morning!

The medicinal rooty-ness of BURDOCK is tempered by an acidic sweetness, yes sweetness, of LEMON PEEL! The ROSE HIPS and ROSE PETALS are always a wonderful floral addtion to any tea blend. NETTLES and CALENDULA rounds out the the simplicty of this blend that feels CLEAN and like a SPRING CLEANSING and AWAKENING of the insides of your body! 

Blend your own with your bulk organic herbs available by the ounce or pick up out perfect little glass jar for the perfect 4 cups! Just enough to enjoy and not sit around in your cabinet!


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