Order from California via Google! Stocking up on organic deodorant!

Wow Shopify is pretty cool and we are really learning the ropes here.
We received an order from CALIFORNIA! Now that's a long way from New Jersey!

So we wondered, how did this happen?

We recently turned on something to make out products available on Google searches...we think! We checked a few of the sources and it said VISIT TIME VISITOR to our Shopify online store and Google as the source! Wow cool for a little shop from Jersey! As we mentioned in our previous blog post we had hope and continue to hope that our natural and organic non-toxic products will continue to reach many and now we are shipping across the country!

While there are MANY choice out there we are so glad that we made it through the web and will have a home helping our new customers arm pits smell lovely...they ordered 5 different kinds of natural organic deodorants! :) All handmade and custom blended essential oils! Our deodorant essential oil blends are "DUETS", we like to call them as they are TWO expertly blended, thanks to our Clinical Aromatherapist at the helm, bringing you just the right about of personal aroma to keep you smelling fresh! 

Here's a tip is you have used the Bond & Bangs deodorant.
The 2oz organic cream deodorant needs to be stirred before use and suggested to keep cooler than 76 degrees. reapply as needed throughout the day.
The 2oz+ stick organic deodorant will last you a long time especially since you are to apply a very thin layer to the underarm. While you might be used to caking some other stuff on - no need with the the Bond & Bangs deodorants! 
Our favorite/best seller: Mvstvs (pronounced Mustus) - that perfect blend of Peppermint and patchouli essential oils!

So why is this "news"...well we are batting down the hatches in the shop and really cleaning up our act to make the shop spiffy and organized!

Check out our next blog post about about new product COLLECTIONS to find out WHAT'S NEW in the online store!


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