Essential oils for Winter

This post we explore briefly Ginger, Juniper, Black pepper, and Cedarwood aka Winter essentials! These same herbs are also available on the Bond and Bangs website as organic dried herbs bagged priced per ounce!
We sent out a email chock full of info about these essential oils and it was too good not to convert into a blog post.

With the New Year approaching we can't help but be bombarded with messages on how to take care of ourselves, but with good reason. This time of year allows us to step back, disengage and take more notice and inventory of our own emotional and spiritual needs. Taking this time to recognize your needs builds a good foundation for maintaining health through the coming year!

Small smudge sticks in Cedar, Juniper and White Sage mini and large wands are restocked and ethically sourced Palo Santo sticks are back to ring in the New Year and set intentions with and around the Full Moons. The upcoming Full Moon/Cold Moon on 12/29/2020 is perfectly timed with the New Year 2012!)

We have selected a few products as Winter essentials, below and a few essential oils to help get you thru the winter!

  • BLACK PEPPER essential oil, organic. Our customers have used Black Pepper essential oil to help strengthen their will and to empower confidence. Topically Black Pepper helps with circulation of blood, muscle stiffness and soreness. It also energizing to the reproductive system. Also available is the dry herb organic MALABAR whole BLACK PEPPERCORNS

  • CEDARWOOD essential oil. For bronchial infections, congestion and coughs. Inhale for or anxiety, nervous dispositions to help clear foggy thinking. Cedarwood's therapeutic properties are also used for skin issues and topical applications for arthritis, rheumatism 

  • GINGER essential oil. You will find both Ginger and Black Pepper in the warming embrace of the Organic Turmeric Golden Milk Vegan Latte Mix. Ginger is a “biblical” oil related to the emotions of survival and support. Helps with balance and balancing and historically used for warming and calming the digestive system. Organic Sliced Dry Ginger is also foudn in our Organic Herbal Elderberry Syrup Mix. Ginger is ONE of our essential oil that is in our MUST HAVE travel bag along with Peppermint, Lavender and Rose Geranium.

  • JUNIPER essential oil. You will find Juniper essential oil in our Macula spot treatment blend to aide in clear complexion. It also adds that bit of merry & bright in the Illustris holiday blend. Juniper blends well with Ginger for detoxification, aches and pains, and poor appetite. The organic dried Juniper Berries are also available per ounce. We love using the dried Juniper berries when fermenting pickles and sauerkraut!


Cinnamon, Menthol and Smudge sticks are also great additions for winter months and for the New Year!

Simmering Cinnamon brings an amazing aroma AND it produces a brilliant RED TEA to drink. Safe CEYLON CINNAMON is hand carved bark from a biodynamic farm in Costa Rica. Medicinal uses include appetite stimulation, treatment of arthritis, inflammation, and dyspepsia, and to treat colds. Shave cinnamon fresh and you will wonder how you ever used anything else!


We like to call MENTHOL CRYSTALS kryptonite because the menthol crystals look like clear shards of ice. Consider using menthol as an inhaler out of the jar or leave open as a gentle air freshener. It's fresh deodorizing aroma is also a natural non-toxic pesticide and insect deterrent that would make a wonderful non-toxic solution that can replace your aerosols and other artificial air fresheners. Also featured is our SOS (sports and sinus) essential oil blend. For a more permanent sinus health solution check out this product SureSinus - non addictive, safe, effective natural probiotic that actually WORKS!


MINI SMUDGE STICKS are perfect for brief indoor use and also used for outdoors. Choose from mini Cedar, White Sage and Juniper.


The PALO SANTO SMUDGE STICK also known as “holy wood”, has a very unique fresh and resinous smell with hints of mint and citrus one of the most fragrant woods in the world. It is often used in ceremonial practices for cleansing, protection, inspiring creativity, and for infusing blessing and love, or simply for the pleasant aroma. Wild harvested, gathered in a responsibly, ecologically from Peru. Palo Santo is harvested from fallen branches and twigs of the tree are harvested, which is regulated by the government of Peru to ensure that the trees do not become overharvested. 

Smudge Stick Sizes: 3.5-4” L x .5” W. Please note that sizes are approximate and may vary.

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