Electrify to Melt!

Completely OFF TOPIC...yet the electrical conduits in our brain are fired up making connections...

Did you know that you can 'cut' thru Styrofoam and cardboard with an an electrified wire? The power of this physics reminds of chemistry! Viewing a video and watching an electrified wire cut through those mediums practically effortlessly was a reminder that we need to melt, bend-not-break, flow and meld MORE EFFORTLESSLY into ourselves and our surroundings!

Turn physics into chemistry using your good ole, olfactory! "CUT THROUGH" mental catarrh using aromatherapy!

The EROMAS massage and body oil was created to match the inspiration from the Erotic Film Festival that originally premiered in Asbury Park in 2016. It was a downtown-wide event, where merchants like us participated in some way to its theme of: A CELEBRATION OF THE SENSES!

OF COURSE we participated as the apothecary is ALL ABOUT THE SENSES. The "greatest" sense of all - or rather our FIRST and OLDEST sense is the SENSE OF SMELL! Like we said, this is where our  "good ole" olfactory some in.

We need to TURN ON or ELECTRIFY our senses to help MELT our....inhibitions, stress, aches and pains. ACTIVATE and STIMULATE our brains to give way to more ease and comfort in the body - which start in the brain! In short we have 'brain cells" hanging out in our schnoz that quickly pick up aromas and send electrical impulses/messages on a direct 2-stop path right to our brain. Most other impulses picked up through our other senses take 6 or more stops before being understood by the brain as an actual message..BUT NOT OUR SENSE OF SMELL! Yes your sense of smell is the most direct link to the brain!

So as much as an eROMA - an electronic aroma - may not exist, it was a good opportunity to use this play on words combining the electrical signals aroma sends to the brain as well as a play on words with erotic. Hence EROMAS was born...and an amazing wonderful aroma it is!

The EROMAS massage and body oil is carefully blended to EVOKE our sensual nature. being sensual is not a dirty word! It's in our nature and natural to be SENSUAL - using all your senses to be MORE ALIVE, MORE PRESENT. Blended with "ESCENTual" oils to stimulate the mind and body. A warming and earthy blend of cardamom, clary sage, ginger, jasmine  lavender, and rose is flirty combo to help start up a physical conversation! 

Since this is a LIMITED EDITION which only comes out around Valentine's Day...we decided to make a larger 2oz bottle!


We also love this oil as a personal "botanical perfume" to be used all over. What conversation will EROMAS spark in your life?

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