Ch Ch Ch Ch Charcoal AND Changes!

Charcoal has risen in popularity for a variety of different uses in home settings: skincare, dental care, culinary uses and as a potential hangover remedy. While the jury is still out with supporting evidence of its efficacy for decreasing the effects of alcohol poisonings in the body IT IS USED medically to treat overdose and poisoning. 


It has also been seen popping up as a popular food coloring to create black liquids or black ice cream as activated charcoal powder is very fine powder that is odorless and somewhat tasteless so it lens itself to blending well in these areas!


The difference between activated charcoal POWDER and/or a tablet or capsule is that the powder is mixed with a liquid for poisonings. Tables and capsules are used for flatulency; hence again the popularity of mixing charcoal with cocktails of other distribution methods like fats, butter, or think icing on cake!


Read more about the uses of activated charcoal here.


The saying "a little dab will do ya" is VERY true when it comes to using powdered charcoal. This "black magic" is like fireworks and needs to be labeled "handle with care" as the black powder is so fine and will get EVERYHWERE and stain items quickly.


So why Charcoal and changes? Well the New Year is upon us and honestly we thought to write about charcoal because it is a common place for many who like to ring in the new year with alcohol. It was hard to resist exploring the news about using charcoal to allay the effects of a hangover. While the research is showing that this is not a validated method, people are still trying it and using it, with success we are told!


When we had our brick and mortar store we had interviewed a young woman who had done some training with 7Song, herbal practitioner and Director of Holistic Medicine at the Free Ithaca Clinic and Director of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, and we asked her what she would have in her herbal survival kit and the one thing she said was CHARCOAL!


Leave us a comment or send us an email and let us know if and when and how charcoal has worked for you!

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